Specialist Insurance

Examples of our the high hazard sectors we are involved with include;

• Energy sector
• Mining
• Courier
• Nightclubs
• Waste Disposal
• North American Exposure
• International Emergency Assistance

Speciality Insurance
Delivering the Solutions, Protecting Your Business

The success of Chiltern has been built on delivering solutions
appropriate to your business rather than simply selling you an
insurance policy. This ethos runs across the whole business but is even
more relevant when dealing with clients that work in specialist sectors. When
assessing risks that the insurance industry does not consider standard business we follow our five step ASSUR Risk Management programme;

Assess – a consultative approach is taken to a basic assessment of a
clients business asking the fundamental questions - what are the actual
and perceived risks to the business.

Suitability – is it suitable and necessary to insure all the risks? Could
part of the risk be self insured? What is the clients’ attitude towards risk?

Source – if we are to insure part or all of the business the programme
needs to be sourced from an underwriter who truly understand the
clients business, their vision for the future and can grow with the
clients business.

Unify – where we use a combination of self insurance, risk management
and risk transfer the programme needs to be unified to ensure that there
are no gaps in cover and all parts of the policy talk to each other.

Review – quarterly risks reviews are standard best practise for Chiltern
and ensure that programmes are always relevant and appropriate.